GROWTHGARAGE helps its partners to identify the right path towards growth. Our strategic consulting services are focused on helping clients in identification of new business opportunities, their further development and implementation. We partner with business owners and their top management to achieve their objectives, or alternatively, we actively participate with our clients in their business projects.



Definition of company’s strategy, growth strategies
Business and marketing strategy
Corporate structures
Management structure and motivation schemes

Business Modelling
and Valuation

Development / consultation of business model and business plan
Financial modelling
Evaluation of acquisition opportunities
Business valuation

Project Financing

Design of optimal structure and conditions of financing
Assistance with raising finance
Assistance with debt capital raising
Negotiation of financing

Business development services (Middle East, Central Asia, Africa)

Preparation of market studies, identification of business opportunities Business risk analysis in emerging new markets Development of new client pipeline, business communication Trade expansion services & sales representation


Established and growing companies

For our established clients, we work as an internal advisor directly to the business owner or the top management, usually based on project or hourly fee. For trade representation on foreign markets, we usually bill monthly fees and success fees from closed deals.

Our clients include established and fast growing companies that seek new ways of growth. In close cooperation with our clients, we prepare a complex company strategy and tactics, we evaluate specific business or acquisition opportunities; or alternatively, we design new principles of corporate governance and financial management so as to correspond to the company’s outlook. For technological and industrial clients we provide market studies, business development and sales representation on developing markets of Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

Companies in early stage of development

For our early-stage clients, we play a role of a project partner on the basis of a commitment fee and/or success fee, generally in the form of capital share in the project or option scheme.

Our clients include companies or project teams that have already unfolded their ideas into a business project in early phase of development and intend to accelerate its growth. Together, we define a strategy, plan the next steps, verify the business model and develop a business plan taking into account its real impact on the oncoming activities. Moreover, we provide financing of the growth strategy and design the financial management principles for the period of growth.


Strategy and implementation of strategic projects


/ debt collection company

„During the acquisition of Santander Consumer Finance in Hungary, GROWTHGARAGE helped us significantly with valuation and efficient identification of potential portfolio risks. They contributed substantially to the smooth progress of the whole transaction.“

Jan Havlůj, CEO
For CASPER Consumer Finance, we prepared a complex valuation of Santander Consumer Finance in Hungary and a financial model of the company restructuring after the acquisition. Our consultants also participated in an active due-diligence of the acquired portfolio in the next phase of the transaction.


/ Pilsen carsharing

„Our colleagues from GROWTHGARAGE were instrumental in putting the idea of a new innovative service into our real life offering. Based on experience from abroad and local market research they designed complex concept of carsharing scheme for Pilsen, including full marketing strategy.“

Jiří Ptáček, COO Pilsen city transport company
For Pilsen public transport company we prepared a complex business model of a carsharing scheme for Pilsen – service proposition, business model and pricing, marketing strategy and management structure in the form of an “internal start-up”.

Plzeňské městské
dopravní podniky

/ provider of public transport

„We have been cooperating with Pavel and GROWTHGARAGE for many years. They act as my main advisor in development and implementation of key new-biz projects.“

Michal Kraus, Chairman of the Board
GROWTHGARAGE closely cooperates with Plzeňské městské dopravní podniky as a long term strategic advisor, currently mostly for projects focused on Smart City solutions. Our consultants prepared a successful merger with Parking Plzeň s.r.o., on development of the city parking system based on Smart City concept, evaluation of public lightning management takeover, and other projects.

Group ORP

/ medical centres for
treatment of musculoskeletal system

„GROWTHGARAGE consultants were able to efficiently set up financial management of my companies. Now I know what the costs of goods and services are, and based on reports and budget I finally know what happens in the company.“

František Picek, owner
For ORP clinics we implemented principles and process of financial management which resulted in tools for calculation of costs of goods and services, complex reporting, and a process of budgeting for companies within the Group.

E.ON Česká Republika

/ utility company

„In a long-term partnership, GROWTHGARAGE helps us to evaluate and mentor teams, which bring innovations of business models and internal processes into E.ON.“

Daniel Frühauf, Innovation leader
E.ON Česká republika innovates its processes and service offering via cooperation with technological start-ups. We advise E.ON in selecting and integrating innovative teams and solutions into the company and also help the start-ups to manage the growth in and outside of E.ON.

Ing. Petr Švec – PENTA

/ producer of laboratory,
special and pharmaceutical

„During the period of generational change, GROWTHGARAGE helped us to steer the company in the right direction fitting the new conditions, exploit strengths of the new generation and decrease the risk arising from the change. Now I know, what direction to follow.“

Barbora Švecová, CEO
In addition to designing a middle term company strategy focused on identification of key products and clients, we outlined the structure of management and operations for Ing. Petr Švec – PENTA. Beyond that we participated in identification and specification of necessary measures in the department of logistics and production.

Pražská energetika

Prague utility company

„It was clear for me the best people to ask for help with designing a concept of a new product in e-mobility for B2B segment were the folks from GROWTHGARAGE.“

Vojtěch Fried, head of e-mobility and smart city
Together with the client we designed a concept of a new product offering – providing company e-car fleets as a complex service to customers of Pražská energetika. We also negotiated with key partners and suppliers and prepared tools for pricing and marketing of the service.

VAFO Praha / Brit

/ producer of premium
pet foods

„I consider gentlemen from GROWTHGARAGE to be my closest internal strategic advisors. We consulted all important decisions the company made over the past several years.“

Pavel Bouška, CEO and owner
We play the role of long term strategic advisor. We help with evaluation of acquisition opportunities taking into account broader strategy of the holding as well as prepare valuations and provide other strategic advisory services.

Start-up growth and financing

/ cloud-based solution for efficient data sharing

„In cooperation with GROWTHGARAGE, we started to write a new chapter in the life of our company. Thanks to that we have new colleagues on the team, new financing partner and a coherent growth strategy we are now putting at work.“

Karel Drašnar, co-founder
Together with the team of BrandCloud, we have designed a new strategy to further push the sales growth of the company´s product. We managed to restructure the ownership structure of the company, bringing a new partner who takes over the sales department and a new financing partner to support the growth.


/ big data analysis

„GROWTHGARAGE helped us make sure which was the correct way forward to navigate our growth. They also put together a group of angle investors, who support the strategy with „smart money“, helping us maintain the growth.“

Jiří Tošovský, co-founder
Datasapiens enable clients, large retail chains, to turn their data into profit by monetising towards their suppliers. GROWTHGARAGE supports the company with consultations of the sales strategy and brokered a club of investors to support the growth of the company.


/ AI, machine learning, natural language processing

„Thanks to cooperation with GROWTHGARAGE we set a clear business development focus for our further growth. They also helped us put together a group of investors, who not only help us with finances, but also with active development of business contacts.“

Stanislav Rejthar, co-founder a CEO
SentiSquare develops first-rate algorithms for natural language processing, which help the corporate clients in efficiency of their communication with customers. Together with the founders we adjusted the business model of the company and prepared it for the entry of investors. We have put together a club of angel investors and negotiated the conditions of the entry.


/ shopping bag manufacturer

„GROWTHGARAGE advisory team helped us to design a complex growth strategy and provided us with the financing for its implementation. In addition, they are helping us on a continual basis with efficient setup of company’s financial management.“

Karolína Pechová, co-owner
For Česká síťovka we prepared a growth strategy and a business plan in which we identified key measures, products and distribution channels, along with quantitative medium-term goals. We helped the firm to find investors and presently we participate on implementation of the created business plan. We actively cooperate on development of efficient financial management of the company.


/ co-working space

„Opero presents a basis for energetic and renaissance people. Our main goal is to create space overflowing with energy, inspiration, stimulating both professional and social life.“

Pavel Přikryl, co-founder
We are the initiators and co-founders of Opero. Opero is a premium co-working space suitable for work, networking and social events. Highly representative space in the heart of Prague offers services tailored for already successful entrepreneurs and managers seeking new inspiration, for business or project teams, as well as for businessmen from regions looking for occasional workspace in Prague.

Business development services

DOT Glasses

/ eye glasses for people in need

Within our collaboration, GROWTHGARAGE advises DOT Glasses on international market growth targeting the Middle East and Central Asia, where the problem of uncorrected poor vision has a tremendous negative impact on the lives of tens of millions of people.

DOT Glasses is a Czech based company established with the ultimate goal to provide affordable eyeglasses to the 1B+ people in need around the world. Their patented frames are easily assembled, self-adjustable, and the lenses do not require optometrist‘s prescription.


/ custom software

GROWTHGARAGE is supporting and advising KOMIX on their expansion to the various geographies in the Middle East and Central Asia.

KOMIX s.r.o. is Czech software house and system integrator in the field of modern information technologies. The company offers solutions in eHealth, eGovernment, industrial automation, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and Internet of Things working for key state institutions and leading companies in each sector.


/ equipment for efficient
generation of electricity,
heat and cold

GROWTHGARAGE plays the role of the business development advisor helping TEDOM a.s. with its cogeneration unit expansion to the Middle East and Central Asian region, particularly Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan markets.

TEDOM a.s. is a manufacturer of energy-saving devices that reduce customers energy costs while being innovative and environmentally friendly. TEDOM supplies cogeneration units, implements complex energy solutions, and operates an extensive service network including remote on-line monitoring.


/ facial and object recognition

As a business development partner, GROWTHGARAGE is providing advisory services to FACERON in order to exploit the market potential and encourage more active operations in Central Asia and the Middle East.

FACERON is a New York-based provider of total solutions for all facial & object recognition needs, from deep learning fire&smoke detection, through intrusion detection, to AI video surveillance. The company supplies all-in-one systems mainly into healthcare, schools, financial institutions, and federal buildings.


/ automation and monitoring in
petrochemicals and energetics

GROWTHGARAGE helps Monti to grow internationally outside the European borders targeting the Middle East and Central Asia.

Czech company Monti focuses on the monitoring of industrial processes, controlling and automation of technological units. They specialize mainly in the area of petrol stations, petrochemicals, power engineering, and small and medium-sized industrial operations.


/ automation of technological processes

GROWTHGARAGE plays the role of the business development advisor helping ZAT with its conventional energy department expansion to the Middle East and Central Asian regions.

ZAT a.s. focuses on the development, design, production, installation, and servicing of electronic equipment and control systems. The company supplies automated systems especially to the utility providers, mining, and transportation companies.


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